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Abrasive products 
Accounting auditing and bookkeeping 
Adhesives and sealants 
Adjustment and collection services 
Administration of educational programs 
Advertising agencies 
Agricultural chemicals 
Air and gas compressors 
Air courier services 
Air transportation nonscheduled 
Air transportation scheduled 
Air water and solid waste management 
Aircraft engines and engine parts 
Airports flying fields and services 
Aluminum foundries 
Aluminum rolling and drawing 
Amusement and recreation 
Amusement parks 
Animal specialty services 
Apartment building operators 
Apparel and accessories 
Architectural metalwork 
Architectural services 
Asbestos products 
Auto and home supply stores 
Auto exhaust system repair shops 
Automobile parking 
Automobiles and other motor vehicles 
Automotive dealers 
Automotive glass replacement shops 
Automotive repair shops 
Automotive services 
Automotive transmission repair shops 
Bags: plastic laminated and coated 
Bags: uncoated paper and multiwall 
Ball and roller bearings 
Bank holding companies 
Barber shops 
Beauty shops 
Biological products except diagnostic 
Blankbooks and looseleaf binders 
Blast furnaces and steel mills 
Blowers and fans 
Boat dealers 
Boatbuilding and repairing 
Bolts nuts rivets and washers 
Book publishing 
Book stores 
Bookbinding and related work 
Books periodicals and newspapers 
Botanical and zoological gardens 
Bottled and canned soft drinks 
Bowling centers 
Bread cake and related products 
Brick and structural clay tile 
Brick stone and related material 
Bridge tunnel and elevated highway construction 
Brooms and brushes 
Building maintenance services 
Bus charter service except local 
Business and secretarial schools 
Business associations 
Business consulting 
Business services 
Cable and other pay television services 
Calculating and accounting equipment 
Camera and photographic supply stores 
Candy and other confectionery products 
Candy nut and confectionery stores 
Canned fruits and specialties 
Canvas and related products 
Carpentry work 
Carpet and upholstery cleaning 
Carpets and rugs 
Catalog and mail-order houses 
Cement hydraulic 
Cemetery subdividers and developers 
Ceramic wall and floor tile 
Cereal breakfast foods 
Chemical preparations 
Chemicals and allied products 
Chewing and smoking tobacco 
Child day care services 
Children and infants wear stores 
Chocolate and cocoa products 
Civic and social associations 
Clay and related minerals 
Coal and other minerals and ores 
Coin-operated amusement devices 
Coin-operated laundries and cleaning 
Cold finishing of steel shapes 
Colleges and universities 
Commercial art and graphic design 
Commercial equipment 
Commercial nonphysical research 
Commercial photography 
Commercial physical research 
Commercial printing 
Commercial printing gravure 
Commercial printing lithographic 
Commodity contracts brokers dealers 
Communication services 
Communications equipment 
Computer and software stores 
Computer integrated systems design 
Computer maintenance and repair 
Computer peripheral equipment 
Computer related services 
Computer rental and leasing 
Computer storage devices 
Computers peripherals and software 
Concrete products 
Concrete work 
Construction and mining machinery 
Construction machinery 
Construction materials 
Construction sand and gravel 
Converted paper products 
Conveyors and conveying equipment 
Copper foundries 
Corrugated and solid fiber boxes 
Courier services except by air 
Credit reporting services 
Crop planting and protection 
Crop preparation services for market 
Crowns and closures 
Crude petroleum and natural gas 
Crude petroleum pipelines 
Current-carrying wiring devices 
Curtains and draperies 
Custom compound purchased resins 
Custom computer programming services 
Cut stone and stone products 
Dairy farms 
Dairy products except dried or canned 
Dairy products stores 
Dance studios schools and halls 
Data processing and preparation 
Data processing schools 
Dental equipment and supplies 
Dental laboratories 
Department stores 
Detective and armored car services 
Dimension stone 
Direct mail advertising services 
Direct selling establishments 
Disinfecting and pest control services 
Distilled and blended liquors 
Dog and cat food 
Dolls and stuffed toys 
Drapery and upholstery stores 
Drinking places 
Drug stores and proprietary stores 
Drugs proprietaries and sundries 
Dry condensed and evaporated dairy products 
Drycleaning plants except rugs 
Durable goods 
Eating places 
Edible fats and oils 
Electric and other services combined 
Electric housewares and fans 
Electric lamps 
Electric services 
Electrical apparatus and equipment 
Electrical appliances television and radio 
Electrical equipment and supplies 
Electrical repair shops 
Electrical work 
Electromedical equipment 
Electronic components 
Electronic computers 
Electronic parts and equipment 
Electronic resistors 
Elementary and secondary schools 
Employment agencies 
Engine electrical equipment 
Engineering services 
Entertainers and entertainment groups 
Environmental controls 
Equipment rental and leasing 
Excavation work 
Fabricated metal products 
Fabricated pipe and fittings 
Fabricated plate work (boiler shop) 
Fabricated rubber products 
Fabricated structural metal 
Fabricated textile products 
Family clothing stores 
Farm and garden machinery 
Farm machinery and equipment 
Farm product warehousing and storage 
Farm supplies 
Farm-product raw materials 
Fasteners buttons needles and pins 
Federal credit unions 
Fiber cans drums and similar products 
Finance taxation and monetary policy 
Finishing plants 
Fire marine and casualty insurance 
Fire protection 
Fish and seafoods 
Flat glass 
Flavoring extracts and syrups 
Floor covering stores 
Floor laying and floor work 
Flour and other grain mill products 
Flowers and florists supplies 
Fluid milk 
Fluid power cylinders and actuators 
Fluid power pumps and motors 
Folding paperboard boxes 
Food crops grown under cover 
Food preparations 
Food products machinery 
Footwear cut stock 
Footwear except rubber 
Forest products 
Freight transportation arrangement 
Fresh fruits and vegetables 
Frozen fruits and vegetables 
Frozen specialties 
Fruit and vegetable markets 
Fuel oil dealers 
Functions related to deposit banking 
Funeral service and crematories 
Furniture and fixtures 
Furniture stores 
Games toys and children vehicles 
Garment pressing and cleaners agents 
Gas and other services combined 
Gas production and or distribution 
Gaskets; packing and sealing devices 
Gasoline service stations 
General automotive repair shops 
General government 
General industrial machinery 
General medical and surgical hospitals 
General warehousing and storage 
Gift novelty and souvenir shop 
Glass and glazing work 
Glass containers 
Gold ores 
Grain and field beans 
Groceries and related products 
Groceries general line 
Grocery stores 
Hand and edge tools 
Hardware stores 
Hardwood veneer and plywood 
Hats caps and millinery 
Health and allied services 
Heating equipment except electric 
Heavy construction 
Heavy construction equipment rental 
Help supply services 
Highway and street construction 
Hobby toy and game shops 
Hoists cranes and monorails 
Holding companies 
Home health care services 
Hospital and medical service plans 
Hotels and motels 
House slippers 
Household appliance stores 
Household audio and video equipment 
Household furnishings 
Household furniture 
Household laundry equipment 
Household vacuum cleaners 
Housing programs 
Individual and family services 
Industrial and personal service paper 
Industrial buildings and warehouses 
Industrial furnaces and ovens 
Industrial gases 
Industrial inorganic chemicals 
Industrial launderers 
Industrial machinery 
Industrial machinery and equipment 
Industrial organic chemicals 
Industrial patterns 
Industrial supplies 
Industrial trucks and tractors 
Industrial valves 
Information retrieval services 
Installing building equipment 
Instruments to measure electricity 
Insurance agents brokers and service 
Insurance carriers 
Intercity and rural bus transportation 
Internal combustion engines 
International affairs 
Investment advice 
Iron and steel forgings 
Irrigation systems 
Jewelers materials and lapidary work 
Jewelry and precious stones 
Jewelry precious metal 
Jewelry stores 
Job training and related services 
Junior colleges 
Knit outerwear mills 
Knitting mills 
Labor organizations 
Laboratory apparatus and furniture 
Landscape counseling and planning 
Laundry and garment services 
Lawn and garden equipment 
Lawn and garden services 
Leather tanning and finishing 
Legal services 
Legislative bodies 
Life insurance 
Lighting equipment 
Linen supply 
Liquefied petroleum gas dealers 
Liquor stores 
Loan brokers 
Local and suburban transit 
Local passenger transportation 
Local trucking with storage 
Local trucking without storage 
Luggage and leather goods stores 
Lumber and other building materials 
Lumber plywood and millwork 
Machine tool accessories 
Machine tools metal cutting type 
Machine tools metal forming type 
Magnetic and optical recording media 
Malt beverages 
Management consulting services 
Management services 
Manifold business forms 
Manufacturing industries 
Marking devices 
Masonry and other stonework 
Mattresses and bedsprings 
Measuring and controlling devices 
Measuring and dispensing pumps 
Meat and fish markets 
Meat packing plants 
Meats and meat products 
Medical and hospital equipment 
Medical equipment rental 
Medical laboratories 
Membership organizations 
Membership sports and recreation clubs 
Men and boy clothing 
Men and boy furnishings 
Men and boys clothing stores 
Men footwear except athletic 
Merchandising machine operators 
Metal barrels drums and pails 
Metal cans 
Metal coating and allied services 
Metal doors sash and trim 
Metal heat treating 
Metal household furniture 
Metal mining services 
Metal sanitary ware 
Metal stampings 
Metals service centers and offices 
Mineral wool 
Minerals ground or treated 
Mining machinery 
Miscellaneous apparel and accessory stores 
Miscellaneous business credit institutions 
Miscellaneous fabricated wire products 
Miscellaneous food stores 
Miscellaneous homefurnishings 
Miscellaneous nonmetallic minerals except fuels 
Miscellaneous personal service 
Miscellaneous publishing 
Miscellaneous retail stores 
Mobile home dealers 
Mortgage bankers and loan correspondents 
Motion picture and tape distribution 
Motion picture and video production 
Motion picture theaters except drive-in 
Motor vehicle parts and accessories 
Motor vehicle parts used 
Motor vehicle supplies and new parts 
Motor vehicles and car bodies 
Motorcycle dealers 
Motorcycles bicycles and parts 
Motors and generators 
Museums and art galleries 
Musical instrument stores 
Musical instruments 
Nailed wood boxes and shook 
Narrow fabric mills 
National commercial banks 
National security 
New and used car dealers 
News dealers and newsstands 
Nonclassifiable Establishments 
Nonclay refractories 
Noncommercial research organizations 
Nondurable goods 
Nonferrous rolling and drawing 
Nonferrous wiredrawing and insulating 
Nonmetallic mineral products 
Nonresidential building operators 
Nonresidential construction 
Nursing and personal care 
Office equipment 
Office furniture except wood 
Office machines 
Offices and clinics of chiropractors 
Offices and clinics of dentists 
Offices and clinics of medical doctors 
Offices and clinics of optometrists 
Offices and clinics of podiatrists 
Offices of health practitioner 
Oil and gas exploration services 
Oil and gas field services 
Ophthalmic goods 
Optical goods stores 
Optical instruments and lenses 
Ornamental shrub and tree services 
Outdoor advertising services 
Packaged frozen goods 
Packaging machinery 
Packing and crating 
Paint glass and wallpaper stores 
Painting and paper hanging 
Paints and allied products 
Paints varnishes and supplies 
Paper mills 
Paper; coated and laminated 
Paper; coated and laminated packaging 
Partitions and fixtures except wood 
Passenger car rental 
Passenger transportation arrangement 
Patent owners and lessors 
Pension health and welfare funds 
Personal credit institutions 
Personal leather goods 
Petroleum bulk stations and terminals 
Petroleum product wholesalersexcept bulk station 
Petroleum refining 
Pharmaceutical preparations 
Phosphatic fertilizers 
Photocopying and duplicating services 
Photofinish laboratories 
Photographic equipment and supplies 
Photographic studios portrait 
Physical fitness facilities 
Pickles sauces and salad dressings 
Piece goods and notions 
Plastering drywall and insulation 
Plastics materials and basic shapes 
Plastics materials and resins 
Plastics products 
Platemaking services 
Plating and polishing 
Pleating and stitching 
Plumbing and hydronic heating supplies 
Plumbing fixture fittings and trim 
Plumbing heating air-conditioning 
Police protection 
Polishes and sanitation goods 
Political organizations 
Potato chips and similar snacks 
Pottery products 
Poultry and poultry products 
Poultry slaughtering and processing 
Power laundries family and commercial 
Prefabricated wood buildings 
Prepackaged software 
Prepared feeds 
Pressed and blown glass 
Primary batteries dry and wet 
Primary metal products 
Primary nonferrous metals 
Printed circuit boards 
Printing and writing paper 
Printing ink 
Process control instruments 
Products of purchased glass 
Professional equipment 
Professional organizations 
Psychiatric hospitals 
Public building and related furniture 
Public golf courses 
Public relations services 
Pulp mills 
Pumps and pumping equipment 
Racing including track operation 
Radio and television repair 
Radio and tv communications equipment 
Radio broadcasting stations 
Radio television and electronic stores 
Radio television publisher representatives 
Radiotelephone communication 
Railroad equipment 
Railroads line-haul operating 
Raw cane sugar 
Ready-mixed concrete 
Real estate agents and managers 
Real estate investment trusts 
Real property lessors 
Record and prerecorded tape stores 
Recreational vehicle dealers 
Refrigerated warehousing and storage 
Refrigeration and heating equipment 
Refrigeration equipment and supplies 
Refrigeration service and repair 
Refuse systems 
Relays and industrial controls 
Religious organizations 
Rental of railroad cars 
Repair services 
Residential care 
Residential construction 
Residential lighting fixtures 
Retail bakeries 
Retail nurseries and garden stores 
Reupholstery and furniture repair 
Roasted coffee 
Rolling mill machinery 
Roofing siding and insulation 
Roofing siding and sheetmetal work 
Rooming and boarding houses 
Rubber and plastics hose and beltings 
Salted and roasted nuts and seeds 
Sanitary services 
Sawmills and planing mills general 
Scales and balances except laboratory 
Schools and educational services 
Scrap and waste materials 
Screw machine products 
Search and navigation equipment 
Secondary nonferrous metals 
Secretarial and court reporting 
Security and commodity exchanges 
Security and commodity service 
Security brokers and dealers 
Security systems services 
Semiconductors and related devices 
Service establishment equipment 
Service industry machinery 
Services allied to motion pictures 
Setup paperboard boxes 
Sewerage systems 
Sewing needlework and piece goods 
Sheet metalwork 
Shipbuilding and repairing 
Shoe repair and shoeshine parlors 
Shoe stores 
Short-term business credit institutions except a 
Signs and advertising specialties 
Silverware and plated ware 
Single-family housing construction 
Skilled nursing care facilities 
Soap and other detergents 
Social services 
Space vehicle equipment 
Special dies tools jigs and fixtures 
Special industry machinery 
Special trade contractors 
Special warehousing and storage 
Specialty outpatient clinics 
Speed changers drives and gears 
Sporting and athletic goods 
Sporting and recreation goods 
Sporting and recreational camps 
Sporting goods and bicycle shops 
Sports clubs managers and promoters 
Stationery and office supplies 
Stationery stores 
Steel foundries 
Steel wire and related products 
Structural steel erection 
Structural wood members 
Subdividers and developers 
Surgical and medical instruments 
Surgical appliances and supplies 
Surveying services 
Switchgear and switchboard apparatus 
Synthetic rubber 
Tax return preparation services 
Telegraph and other communications 
Telephone and telegraph apparatus 
Telephone communication except radio 
Television broadcasting stations 
Terrazzo tile marble and mossaic work 
Testing laboratories 
Textile goods 
Textile machinery 
Theatrical producers and services 
Tires and inner tubes 
Tires and tubes 
Tobacco and tobacco products 
Tobacco stores and stands 
Toilet preparations 
Top and body repair and paint shops 
Tour operators 
Towing and tugboat service 
Toys and hobby goods and supplies 
Transformers except electric 
Transportation equipment 
Transportation equipment and supplies 
Transportation services 
Travel agencies 
Travel trailers and campers 
Truck and bus bodies 
Truck rental and leasing no drivers 
Truck trailers 
Trucking except local 
Trucking terminal facilities 
Trusts: educational religious etc 
Turbines and turbine generator sets 
Unsupported plastics film and sheet 
US postal service 
Used car dealers 
Used merchandise stores 
Utility trailer rental 
Valves and pipe fittings 
Variety stores 
Veterinary services specialties 
Video tape rental 
Vocational schools 
Warm air heating and air conditioning 
Watch clock and jewelry repair 
Water passenger transportation 
Water sewer and utility lines 
Water supply 
Water transportation of freight 
Water transportation services 
Waterproof outerwear 
Welding apparatus 
Welding repair 
Wine and distilled beverages 
Wines brandy and brandy spirits 
Wire springs 
Women accessory and specialty stores 
Women and children clothing 
Women and misses blouses and shirts 
Women and misses outerwear 
Women clothing stores 
Women handbags and purses 
Wood containers 
Wood household furniture 
Wood kitchen cabinets 
Wood pallets and skids 
Wood partitions and fixtures 
Wood preserving 
Wood products 
Woodworking machinery 
Wrecking and demolition work 


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